Member States in the Banking Union: Germany Between National and European Institutional Dynamics

When: 08 Mar 2021, 14:15-15:30
Where: Zoom
Speaker: Diane Fromage

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The European Banking Union established in 2012 has represented a leap forward in the integration in the area of financial services within the European Union (EU). Far-reaching competences have now been transferred to the EU level in the field of banking supervision and resolution. As a consequence, the responsible national institutions have become 'Europeanised national institutions' that operate under the ultimate responsibility of an EU body.
In this presentation, I will first discuss my habilitation project that aims at analysing the consequences of the ensuing changes from a Member States' perspective, that is how their institutional systems have been affected, and how national representation is channeled at the EU level today. The second part will be devoted specifically to the German case. It will examine to what extent the changes that have happened in Germany's institutional framework for financial supervision over time have been shaped by evolutions at the EU level or, on the contrary, whether the reforms conducted may be led back to national constraints and dynamics.