Policy Outreach

Researcher/s Title Published Research Area
Rainer Haselmann, Tobias Tröger When and How to Unwind COVID-Support Measures to the Banking System? March 2021
Rainer Haselmann, Tobias Tröger What Are the Main Differences Between the Practice of Supervising Large Banks in the UK and in the Euro Area, and What Are the Main Risks of Regulatory Divergence? July 2021
Moritz Schularick, Sascha Steffen, Tobias Tröger Bank Capital and the European Recovery From the COVID-19 Crisis June 2020
Rainer Haselmann, Jan Pieter Krahnen, Tobias Tröger, Mark Wahrenburg Institutional Protection Schemes: What Are Their Differences, Strengths, Weaknesses, and Track Records? April 2022
Sebastian Steuer, Tobias Tröger The Role of Disclosure in Green Finance
LawFin Working Paper No. 24
August 2021 Pricing of Law, Financial Regulation
Arnoud Boot, Elena Carletti, Rainer Haselmann, Hans-Helmut Kotz, Jan Pieter Krahnen, Loriana Pelizzon, Stephen Schaefer, Marti G. Subrahmanyam The Coronavirus and Financial Stability March 2020
Rainer Haselmann, Christian Leuz, Sebastian Schreiber Know Your Customer: Informed Trading by Banks
LawFin Working Paper No. 22
October 2022 Pricing of Law, Financial Regulation
Casimiro Nigro, Jörg Stahl Venture Capital, Start-ups, and Corporate Law: The Case for Flexible Fair Value Protections
LawFin Working Paper No. 1
November 2020 Legislative Intervention
Rainer Haselmann, Sebastian Steuer, Tobias Tröger Gas and Nuclear Power as Transition Technologies – What does this Mean for Investments January 2023
Bo Bian, Yingxiang Li, Casimiro A. Nigro Conflicting Fiduciary Duties and Fire Sales of VC-backed Start-ups
LawFin Working Paper No. 35
January 2023 Pricing of Law, Legislative Intervention
Rainer Haselmann, Christian Leuz, Sebastian Schreiber Study Shows Universal Bank Trades Are Informed by Private Commercial Borrower Information January 2023