Past Events

Date Speaker/s Topic Category
16 Jul 2024 Ansgar Walther Corrective Regulation with Imperfect Instruments LawFin Research Seminar, Finance Seminar, [in person]
10 Jul 2024 Elizabeth Pollman Executive Turnover at Dual Class Firms LawFin Research Seminar, [in person]
02 Jul 2024 Julian Kölbel Sustainable Investing and Political Behavior LawFin Research Seminar, Finance Seminar, [in person]
01 Jul 2024 Ben Charoenwong The External Governance of Internal Governance: Evidence from Broker-Dealers and Insider Stock Gift Backdating LawFin Research Seminar, [hybrid]
25 Jun 2024 Merih Sevilir Can Nonprofits Save Lives Under Financial Stress: Evidence from the Hospital Industry LawFin Research Seminar, Finance Seminar, [in person]
14 Jun 2024 A.Brav, J. Fisch, R. Foroohar, J. Gordon, G. Helleringer, M. Jasova, K. Kastiel, W. Kim, P. Matos, M. Pargendler, B. Ramamurti, M. Roe, R. Shapira, O. Spalt, Y. Wiwattanakantang, et al. 2024 Global Corporate Governance Colloquia (GCGC) Conference, [in person]
12 Jun 2024 R. Abuzov, R. Andrade, G. Andrade Góes, B. Broughman, V. Buccola, A. Cable, D. Chaim, W. Clayton, E. dFontenay, M. Gelter, O. Gredil, A. Hamdani, S. Hamid, J. Himstreet, K. Kastiel, A. Kwon, N. Lalafaryan, N. Lee, K. Lefkowitz, J. Lerner, M. Moore, et al. The Law and Finance of Private Equity and Venture Capital Workshop, Conference, [in person]
06 Jun 2024 D. Chekroun, P. Corrigan, T. David, L. Enriques, S. Fos, R. Haselmann, M. Ohlrogge, A. Robertson, R. Romano, M. Troege, T. Tröger 14th NYU-LawFin/SAFE-ESCP BS Law & Banking/Finance Conference Conference, [in person]
04 Jun 2024 Luigi Zingales What Purpose Do Corporations Purport? Evidence from Letters to Shareholders LawFin Research Seminar, Finance Seminar, [in person]
03 Jun 2024 David Markworth Who’s afraid of Alternative Business Structures? – Exploring the potential for a shift in the European legal services markets LawFin Research Seminar, [hybrid]
27 May 2024 Diana Bonfim Bank Specialization in Lending to New Firms LawFin Research Seminar, [hybrid]
22 May 2024 Nicolai Badenhoop, Tobias Berg, Aoife Fitzpatric, Marius Fourne, Rainer Haselmann, Michael Koetter, Emanuel Moench, Irene Monasterolo, Laura Nowzohour, Larissa Schaefer, Jan Starmans, Sebastian Steuer, Alex Stomper, Francesca Zucchi Financial Regulation - Going Green 2024 Workshop, Conference, [in person]
13 May 2024 Bo Bian Consumer Surveillance and Financial Fraud LawFin Research Seminar, [hybrid]
07 May 2024 Lulu Wang Regulating Competing Payment Networks LawFin Research Seminar, Finance Seminar, [in person]
06 May 2024 Wenming Xu Uncovering Hidden Civil Litigation Against Securities Informational Misconducts in China: Empirical Evidence from the Announcements Made by Listed Companies LawFin Research Seminar, [hybrid]
30 Apr 2024 Cecilia Parlatore Specialized Lending when Big Data Hardens Soft Information LawFin Research Seminar, Finance Seminar, [in person]
29 Apr 2024 Kai Li The Eco Gender Gap in Boardrooms LawFin Research Seminar, [hybrid]
23 Apr 2024 Vasso Ioannidou Corporate Runs and Credit Reallocation LawFin Research Seminar, Finance Seminar, [in person]
04 Feb 2024 J. Arfaoui, S. Arlt, L. Borger, J. Greth, H. Halder, R. Haselmann, F. Heider, M. Heissel, M. Höflich, J. Krahnen, A. Maurer, L. Pelizzon, S. Rotermund, S. Schreiber, U. Schüwer, S. Steffen, S. Steuer, T. Tröger, J. Uhlig, P. Verhoff, Y. Wang, J.Wingenbach Winter Offsite: Allgäu Seminar 2024 Seminar, Retreat, [in person]
29 Jan 2024 Robert Bartlett, Giuseppe Dari-Mattiacci, Ofer Eldar, Merritt Fox, Martin Gelter, Nizan Geslevich Packin, Assaf Hamdani, Narine Lalafaryan, Justin McCrary, Casimiro Nigro, Gunjan Seth, Maya Shaton, David Smith, Tobias Tröger, Gad Weiss Corporations, Private Ordering, and Corporate Law Workshop, Conference, [online]
18 Dec 2023 Elisabeth Kempf Corporate Actions as Moral Issues LawFin Research Seminar, [hybrid]
20 Nov 2023 Alexander Morell Should Cartel Sanctions Be Reduced in Case the Offender Runs a Corporate Compliance Program? LawFin Research Seminar, [hybrid]
13 Nov 2023 Mike Burkart The Evolution of the Market for Corporate Control LawFin Research Seminar, [hybrid]
16 Oct 2023 Matteo Gatti Corporate Governing: Promises and Risks of Corporations as Socio-Economic Reformers LawFin Research Seminar, [hybrid]
09 Oct 2023 Bo Bian Financing the Global Shift to Electric Mobility LawFin Research Seminar, [hybrid]
14 Aug 2023 T. Berg, N. Boyarchenko, F. Bräuning, T. Eisert, L. Elias, J. Fisch, M. Götz, S. Greppmair, F. Hinzen, S. Kundu, T. Marchuck, T. Mosk, L. Naaraayanan, J.-L. Peydró, D. Pierret, C. Schlam, L. Schilling, A. Sarkar, O. Sussman, G. Vuillemey Regulating Financial Markets Conference, [in person]
05 Jul 2023 Holger Spamann Shareholder Rights and the Bargaining Structure in Control Transactions LawFin Research Seminar, [hybrid]
03 Jul 2023 Elizabeth Pollman Adventure Capital LawFin Research Seminar, [hybrid]
26 Jun 2023 Adriana Robertson What’s in a Name? ESG Mutual Funds and the SEC’s Names Rule LawFin Research Seminar, [hybrid]
22 Jun 2023 E. Aguirre, Y. Aran, B. Broughman, A. Cable, W. Clark, M. Corradi, M. Cox, D. Dowling, J. Fisch, M. Gatti, O. Gefen, J. Gilligan, E. Gourier, A. Gözlügöl, G. Helleringer, T. Hellmann, P. Joos, K. Kastiel, Y. Li, L. Michie, G. Nguyen, L. Phalippou, et al. The Law and Finance of Private Equity and Venture Capital Conference, [in person]
19 Jun 2023 Christina Skinner Private Equity for the People LawFin Research Seminar, [hybrid]
16 Jun 2023 E. Catan, O. Eldar, E. Ferran, M. Giné, R. Huang, W. Kim, D. Lund, Y. Nili, D. Schoenherr, H. Spamann, C. Wang, Y. Wiwattanakantang, et al. 2023 Global Corporate Governance Colloquia (GCGC) Conference, [in person]
14 Jun 2023 Jens Dammann CEOs’ Endorsements of Stakeholder Values: Cheap Talk or Meaningful Signal? An Empirical Analysis LawFin Research Seminar, [hybrid]
12 Jun 2023 Oren Sussman The Limits of Coase: A Study of Financial Distress in the Shipping Industry LawFin Research Seminar, [hybrid]
05 Jun 2023 Edoardo Martino The Future of Contingent Convertible Instruments in Banking LawFin Research Seminar, [hybrid]
01 Jun 2023 T. Berg, P. Corrigan, T. David, V. Fos, R. Haselmann, G. Helleringer, K. Hombach, K. Judge, A. Kleinnijenhuis, J. Krahnen, N. Malenko, M. Ohlrogge, P. Pradier, A. Robertson, A. Romano, R. Romano, H. Spamann, J. Suarez, A. Wagner, T. Wetzer 13th NYU-LawFin/SAFE-ESCP BS Law & Banking/Finance Conference Conference, [in person]
22 May 2023 K. Biguri, D. Chaim, P. Cocoma, S. Doerr, D. Favoccia, N. Fuchs-Schündeln, P. Funk, F. Hussain, S. Kalss, M. Kehr, P. Laeri, K. Langenbucher, M. Malakotipour, E. Molin, M. Pütz, D. Streitz, C. Zilioli 3rd Women in Law and Finance Workshop Workshop, Conference, [in person]
04 May 2023 Achim Hagen, Matthias Kaldorf, Emily Kormanyos, Maria Loumioti, Julien Sauvagnat, Eleonora Sfrappini, Luciano Somoza, Daniel Streitz, Chi-Yang Tsou Financial Regulation - Going Green 2023 Workshop, Conference, [in person]
24 Apr 2023 Martin Gelter Barking without Biting: How Corwin did not Change M&A LawFin Research Seminar, [hybrid]
17 Apr 2023 Gad Weiss The Venture Corporation LawFin Research Seminar, [hybrid]
03 Apr 2023 Andreas Engert The Corporate Group as an Organizational Form LawFin Research Seminar, [hybrid]
02 Apr 2023 Itai Agur, Winta Beyene, Sotirios Kokas, Nicola Limodio, Clement Mazet-Sonilhac, Karsten Müller, Rachel J. Nam, Huyen Nguyen, Andres Schneider, Philip Schnorpfeil, Dominik Supera, Olivier Wang, Carlo Wix et al. 16th Swiss Winter Conference on Financial Intermediation 2023 Conference, [in person]
20 Mar 2023 Anna Tzanaki Common Ownership in Fintech Markets LawFin Research Seminar, [hybrid]
13 Mar 2023 Alperen Gözlügöl Climate Risks, Bailouts and Moral Hazard LawFin Research Seminar, [hybrid]
17 Feb 2023 Ken Ayotte, Jason Donaldson, Jared Ellias, Rainer Haselmann, Ed Morrison, Enrico Perotti, Giorgia Piacentino, Carolyn Sissoko, Tobias Tröger Reference Book Project "Law in Finance" Workshop, Conference, [in person]
23 Jan 2023 Moran Ofir Financial Risk-Tolerance During a Major Negative Life Experience: The Case of COVID-19 Pandemic LawFin Research Seminar, [online]
18 Jan 2023 Alperen Gözlügöl, Rainer Haselmann, Anna-Maria Maurer, Casimiro Nigro, Sebastian Steuer, Luofu Ye, Tobias Tröger LawFin Excursion: Allgäu Seminar Seminar, Retreat, [in person]
16 Jan 2023 Shira Cohen, Madison Condon, Antoine Dechezlepretre, Luca Enriques, Alperen Gözlügöl, Rainer Haselmann, Marcin Kacperczyk, Luc Laeven, Anna-Maria Maurer, Casimiro Nigro, Loriana Pelizzon, Elizabeth Pollman, Nicola Ranger, Robin Rix, Tobias Tröger An Interdisciplinary Workshop: The Quest for Sustainability - A Law & Finance Dialogue Workshop, Conference, [online]
05 Dec 2022 Nizan Geslevich Packin Blacklisting Crypto (and more) LawFin Research Seminar, [online]
21 Nov 2022 Katja Langenbucher Consumer Credit in the Age of AI – Beyond Anti-discrimination Law LawFin Research Seminar, [hybrid]
07 Nov 2022 Katharina Hombach Trade Secret Protection and Firms’ Internal Transparency LawFin Research Seminar, [hybrid]
31 Oct 2022 Sebastian Steuer Common Ownership and the (Non-)Transparency of Institutional Shareholdings: An EU-US Comparison LawFin Research Seminar, [hybrid]
26 Sep 2022 Alessandro Romano Colors Are Effective in Addressing the No-Reading Problem In Contract Law LawFin Research Seminar, [hybrid]
19 Sep 2022 Shikhar Singla Regulatory Costs and Market Power LawFin Research Seminar, [hybrid]
22 Aug 2022 T. Ahnert, I. Andreicovici, T. Berg, N. Boyarchenko, F. D’Acunto, T. Eisert, R. Fahlenbrach, F. Fecht, I. Goldstein, H. Hakenes, C. Herpfer, V. Ionnadiou, C. Leuz, F. Malherbe, A. Manconi, T. Martin, F. Nagel, M. Opp, L. Pelizzon, A. Popov, M.Puri, et al. Regulating Financial Markets Conference, [in person]
21 Jul 2022 Yifat Aran, Giorgia Barboni, Martin Brown, Andreas Engert, Svenja Hippel, Lena Janys, Elisabeth Kempf, Tim Kroencke, Simone Menne, Mirjam Pütz, Adriana Robertson, Orkun Saka, Sabine Schmittroth, Leah Zimmerer Women in Law and Finance Workshop, Conference, [in person]
11 Jul 2022 Kobi Kastiel How Much Do Investors Care about Social Responsibility? LawFin Research Seminar, [hybrid]
04 Jul 2022 Karsten Müller Credit Allocation and Macroeconomic Fluctuations LawFin Research Seminar, [hybrid]
26 Jun 2022 Matthias Breuer, Jihad Dagher, Rainer Haselmann, Anna-Maria Maurer, Karsten Müller, Sascha Steffen, Luofu Ye, et al. Summer Offsite: Allgäu Seminar Seminar, Retreat, [in person]
22 Jun 2022 Y. Aran, K. Baldwin, R. Bartlett, A. Beck, B. Bian, M. Breuer, D. Cumming, L. Enriques, C. Espinal, J. Farre-Mensa, R. Gilson, K. Kastiel, V. Lazar, C. Paterson, S. Paterson, E. Pollman, S. Reger, D. Robinson, A. Schoar, O. Sussman, E. Talley, et al. Private Equity and Venture Capital: A Transatlantic Law & Finance Debate Workshop, Conference, [online]
20 Jun 2022 Peter Conti-Brown Credit Markets and the Visible Hand LawFin Research Seminar, [hybrid]
13 Jun 2022 Mathias Siems Elective Corporate Governance: Does Board Choice Matter? LawFin Research Seminar, [hybrid]
03 Jun 2022 Rui Albuquerque, Andrew Baker, Sandra Boss, Greg Buchak, Luca Enriques, Nickolay Gantchev, Moqi Groen-Xu, Jie (Jack) He, Dirk Jenter, Vikramaditya Khanna, Michelle Lowry, Curtis J. Milhaupt, Elizabeth Pollman, Steen Thomsen, Tobias Tröger, et al. 2022 Global Corporate Governance Colloquia (GCGC) Conference, [hybrid]
31 May 2022 Ryan Bubb, Elena Carletti, Emiliano Catan, Prasad Krishnamurthy, Thomas Lambert, Christophe Moussu, Adriana Robertson, Tobias Tröger, Michael Weber 12th Labex ReFi-NYU-SAFE/LawFin Law & Banking/Finance Conference Conference, [online]
30 May 2022 Matthias Breuer Uneven Regulation and Economic Reallocation: Evidence from Transparency Regulation LawFin Research Seminar, [hybrid]
23 May 2022 Oren Sussman Resolving Financial Distress Where Property Rights Are Not Clearly Defined: The Case of China LawFin Research Seminar, [hybrid]
16 May 2022 Luca Enriques Dual Class Shares in the Age of Common Ownership LawFin Research Seminar, [online]
09 May 2022 Natalya Naqvi Economic Crisis, Global Financial Cycles, and State Control of Finance: Public Development Banking in Brazil and South Africa LawFin Research Seminar, [online]
02 May 2022 Tobias Berg, Robin Döttling, Kornelia Fabisik, Alperen Gözlügöl, Hendrik Hakenes, Rainer Haselmann, Florian Heider, Michael Koetter, Loriana Pelizzon, Alexander Popov, Sascha Steffen, Alexander Stomper, Tobias Tröger Financial Regulation - Going Green Workshop, Conference, [in person]
25 Apr 2022 Casimiro A. Nigro Venture Capital and European Corporate Laws: Bargaining in the Shadow of Regulatory Constraints LawFin Research Seminar
11 Apr 2022 Kevin Young Financialization and Political Subjectivity: Does Personal Investing Turn Workers into Capitalists? LawFin Research Seminar
03 Apr 2022 T. Beck, M. Brown, M. Bruche, N. Cox, D. Cucic, F. D'Acunto, S. Doerr, E. Garcia-Appendini, N. van Horen, I. Ivanov, K. Jansen, G. Kabas, S. Kundu, S. Lenzu, D. Martinez-Miera, M. Pagel, M. Papoutsi, P. Paul, S. Ongena, S. Rossi, T. Roukny, et al. 15th Swiss Winter Conference on Financial Intermediation 2022 Conference
27 Mar 2022 A. Barbalau, H. Bhamra, B. Bian, L. Bretscher, I. Chaieb, M. Croce, T. Davidyuk, X. Gu, C. H. Larsen, I. Ivanov, K. Jacobs, H. Langlolois, Y. Li, E. Loualiche, C. Nigro, P. Orlowski, D. Pierret, S. Rossi, G. Vilkov, C. Ward, M. Weber, F. Sangiorgi, D. Yan 9th HEC-McGill Winter Finance Workshop - Special Edition with Goethe University Workshop, Conference
21 Mar 2022 Jihad Dagher Regulatory Cycles: A Political Economy Model LawFin Research Seminar
07 Mar 2022 Eva Micheler A Real Entity Theory of the Corporation LawFin Research Seminar
28 Feb 2022 David Howarth Bank Structural Reform: A Comparative Financial Power Approach LawFin Research Seminar
07 Feb 2022 Mariassunta Giannetti Bond Price Fragility and the Structure of the Mutual Fund Industry LawFin Research Seminar
31 Jan 2022 Stefan Thomas Legal Challenges of Integrating Sustainability Into Antitrust Enforcement – A Case for Interdisciplinary Research LawFin Research Seminar
24 Jan 2022 Christian Leuz Internalizing Externalities: Disclosure Regulation for Hydraulic Fracturing, Drilling Activity and Water Quality LawFin Research Seminar
17 Jan 2022 Lucia Quaglia The Perils of International Regime Complexity in Shadow Banking: The Case of Securitisation LawFin Research Seminar
10 Jan 2022 Alperen A. Gözlügöl Private Companies: The Missing Link on the Path to Net Zero LawFin Research Seminar
13 Dec 2021 Bo Bian, Benjamin Braun, Abraham Cable, Julian Franks, Sergio Alberto Gramitto Ricci, Rainer Haselmann, Katharina Hombach, Elsa Massoc, Casimiro Nigro, Johannes Petry, Christina Sautter, Tobias Tröger, Natascha van der Zwan An Interdisciplinary Workshop: The Metamorphosing Landscape of Investors’ Capitalism Workshop, Conference
07 Dec 2021 Bo Bian, Stefan Bechtold, Jens Frankenreiter, Nicolas Jabko, Jan Pieter Krahnen, Katja Langenbucher, Tobias Tröger SAFE-LawFin Policy Workshop: Pacemaker Brussels? Workshop, Conference
29 Nov 2021 Kobi Kastiel The Rise of Bankruptcy Directors LawFin Research Seminar
23 Nov 2021 Konstantin Milbradt Waiting for Capital: Dynamic Intermediation in Illiquid Markets LawFin Research Seminar
22 Nov 2021 Carsten Gerner-Beuerle Algorithmic Trading and the Regulation of Unintended Consequences LawFin Research Seminar
15 Nov 2021 Renée B. Adams Pandemic Governance: Pawns, Potentates or Partners? LawFin Research Seminar
08 Nov 2021 Bo Bian Conflicting Fiduciary Duties and Fire Sales of VC-backed Start-ups LawFin Research Seminar
01 Nov 2021 Joshua C. Macey Open Access, Interoperability, and the DTCC's Unexpected Path to Monopoly LawFin Research Seminar
25 Oct 2021 Jannis Bischof Forward-Looking Information in Bank Reporting LawFin Research Seminar
11 Oct 2021 Pat Akey Noisy Factors LawFin Research Seminar
04 Oct 2021 Michael Weber Heterogeneous Labor Market Effects of Monetary Policy LawFin Research Seminar
27 Sep 2021 Vincenzo Pezone The Carrot and the Stick: Bank Bailouts and the Disciplining Role of Board Appointments LawFin Research Seminar
20 Sep 2021 Jill E. Fisch Do ESG Mutual Funds Deliver on Their Promises? LawFin Research Seminar
13 Sep 2021 Benjamin Braun From Exit to Control: The Structural Power Of Finance Under Asset Manager Capitalism LawFin Research Seminar
06 Sep 2021 Georg Ringe Investor-led Sustainability in Corporate Governance LawFin Research Seminar
12 Jul 2021 Katharina Pistor Rule by Data: The End of Markets? LawFin Research Seminar
05 Jul 2021 John Armour Augmented Lawyering LawFin Research Seminar
28 Jun 2021 Florence Dafe, Rachel Epstein, Matthias Goldmann, Rainer Haselmann, Erik Jones, Elsa Massoc, Casimiro Nigro, Diane Pierret, Roberta Romano, Tobias Tröger, Vikrant Vig, Luigi Zingales An Interdisciplinary Workshop: The Political Economy of Financial Regulation Workshop, Conference
21 Jun 2021 Luofu Ye Know the Ropes: From Basic Science to Corporate Innovation LawFin Research Seminar
14 Jun 2021 Francesco D'Acunto Trust and Contracts: Empirical Evidence LawFin Research Seminar
11 Jun 2021 Anat Admati, Lucian Bebchuk, Alon Brav, Luca Enriques, Jeffrey Gordon, Woochan Kim, Philipp Krueger, Samuel Lee, Nadya Malenko, Charlotte Ostergaard, Elizabeth Pollman, Mark Roe, Roberta Romano, Markus Schmid, Tobias Tröger, Eyub Yege, Irene Yi, et al. Global Corporate Governance Colloquia (GCGC) 2021 Conference
09 Jun 2021 Luca Enriques, Rainer Haselmann, Roman Inderst, Kathryn Judge, David Martinez Miera, Geoff Miller, Michael Ohlrogge, Marco Pagano, Alain Pietrancosta, Morgan Ricks, Mark Roe, Zacharias Sautner, Cailin Slattery, Javier Suarez, Guillaume Vuillemey, et al. Labex-NYU-SAFE/LawFin Law & Banking/Finance Conference 2021 Conference
07 Jun 2021 Anat Alon-Beck Bargaining Inequality: Employee Golden Handcuffs and Asymmetric Information LawFin Research Seminar
31 May 2021 Patrick Augustin The Impact of Derivatives on Cash Markets: Evidence From the Introduction of Bitcoin Futures Contracts LawFin Research Seminar
17 May 2021 Eric Talley Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls: Fiduciary Duties in Venture Capital Backed Startups LawFin Research Seminar
10 May 2021 Leon Yehuda Anidjar The Pluralist Foundations of Corporate Law and Governance LawFin Research Seminar
03 May 2021 Nicolas Jabko Populist Neoliberalism in Continental Europe LawFin Research Seminar
26 Apr 2021 Michael Klausner A Sober Look at SPACs LawFin Research Seminar
19 Apr 2021 Luca Enriques Rewiring Corporate Law for an Interconnected World LawFin Research Seminar
29 Mar 2021 Olivier Darmouni, Manasa Gopal, Sebastian Hillenbrand, Martina Jasova, Jan Krahnen, Steffen Meyer, Steven Ongena, Vesa Persuainen, Andrea Presbitero, Magdalena Rola-Janicka, Tarik Roukny, Farzad Saidi, Nic Schaub, Sascha Steffen, Wolf Wagner, et al. The "Lenzerheide" Conference - 2021 Swiss Winter Conference on Financial Intermediation Conference
29 Mar 2021 Ryan Bubb On the Virtues of Simple Standards LawFin Research Seminar
22 Mar 2021 Pepper D. Culpepper Does Media Coverage of Bank Scandals Increase Preferences for Financial Regulation? LawFin Research Seminar
15 Mar 2021 Lint Barrage, Sarah Breeden, Ottmar Edenhofer, Rob Engle, Eugenie Dugoua, Stephie Fried, Thomas Hickler, Solomon Hsiang, Larry Kotlikoff, Robert Pindyck, Anthony Smith, Antonio Spilimbergo, Silvana Tenreyro The Economics of Climate Change Conference
08 Mar 2021 Diane Fromage Member States in the Banking Union: Germany Between National and European Institutional Dynamics LawFin Research Seminar
01 Mar 2021 Jorge Guzman The Direct Effect of Corporate Law on Entrepreneurship LawFin Research Seminar
22 Feb 2021 Anna Christie The Agency Costs of Sustainable Capitalism LawFin Research Seminar
15 Feb 2021 Andreas Kern The Politics of Reversing Central Bank Independence LawFin Research Seminar
08 Feb 2021 Sergio Gilotta The Case Against a Special Corporate Law Regime for Intragroup Transactions LawFin Research Seminar
01 Feb 2021 Colleen Honigsberg Wandering Financial Advisors LawFin Research Seminar
11 Jan 2021 Elizabeth Pollman The Corporate Governance Machine LawFin Research Seminar
14 Dec 2020 Massimiliano Bonacchi, Giovanni Strampelli Stewardship Code for a Better Engagement: ESG Evidence LawFin Research Seminar
07 Dec 2020 Emiliano M. Catan The Party Structure of Mutual Funds LawFin Research Seminar
30 Nov 2020 Eileen Keller Financial Crises and the Limits of Bank Reform. A Comparative Study on the Great Recession. LawFin Research Seminar
16 Nov 2020 Sascha Steffen Corporate Loan Spreads and Economic Activity LawFin Research Seminar
09 Nov 2020 Andreas Neuhierl Monetary Momentum LawFin Research Seminar
02 Nov 2020 Michael Weber Does Policy Committee Diversity Affect Public Trust and Expectations? LawFin Research Seminar
27 Oct 2020 Margarita Tsoutsoura Zombie Lending LawFin Research Seminar
26 Oct 2020 Nina Boy Fixed Expectations vs Flexible Adaptation? Debt and Resilience As Clashing Security Technologies in Finance LawFin Research Seminar
28 Jul 2020 Peter Conti-Brown, Rainer Haselmann, Alissa M. Kleinnijenhuis, Christophe Moussu, Michael Ohlrogge, Pierre-Charles Pradier, Mark Roe, Alessandro Romano, Roberta Romano, Tobias Tröger Labex-NYU-SAFE/LawFin Law & Banking/Finance Conference 2020 - Webinar Series Workshop, Conference
15 Jun 2020 Rachel Epstein, Matthias Goldmann, Rainer Haselmann, Erik Jones, Roberta Romano, Vikrant Vig, Luigi Zingales An Interdisciplinary Workshop: The Political Economy of Financial Regulation +++ POSTPONED +++ Workshop, Conference
16 Apr 2020 Renée Adams, John Armour, Todd Baker, Marco Becht, Diana Bonfim, Andreas Engert, Luca Enriques, Kathryn Judge, Jan Krahnen, Amir Licht, Katharina Pistor, Georg Ringe, Mark Roe, Isabel Schnabel, Eric Talley, Tobias Tröger 2020 GCGC Conference: Global Webinar Conference, [online]
30 Mar 2020 Renée Adams, Susan Christoffersen, Jill E. Fisch, Nicola Fuchs-Schündeln, Katja Langenbucher, et al. Women in Finance and Law +++ POSTPONED +++ Workshop, Conference
17 Mar 2020 Konstantin Milbradt Mortgage Prepayment and Path-Dependent Effects of Monetary Policy +++ POSTPONED +++ LawFin Research Seminar
09 Mar 2020 Eric Monnet Selective Lender of Last Resort (France, 1930-1931) LawFin Research Seminar
17 Feb 2020 Cornelia Woll Sanctions and Settlements in Global Markets LawFin Research Seminar
03 Feb 2020 Christian Leuz Do Conflict of Interests Disclosures Work? Evidence from Citations in Medical Journals LawFin Research Seminar
29 Jan 2020 Mathias Siems The Global Diffusion of Stewardship Codes LawFin Research Seminar
27 Jan 2020 Assaf Hamdani The Agency Costs of Controlling Shareholders LawFin Research Seminar
20 Jan 2020 Jens Dammann Fee-Shifting Bylaws: An Empirical Analysis LawFin Research Seminar
16 Dec 2019 Jared Ellias Bankruptcy Process for Sale LawFin Research Seminar
12 Dec 2019 Martin Gelter Letting Companies Choose Between One-Tier and Two-Tier Board LawFin Research Seminar
09 Dec 2019 David Martinez-Miera Markets, Banks, and Shadow Banks LawFin Research Seminar
02 Dec 2019 Thomas Keusch Activists' CEOs LawFin Research Seminar
06 Nov 2019 Paolo Giudici, Peter Agstner Startups and Company Law: The Competitive Pressure of Delaware on Italy (and Europe?) LawFin Research Seminar
29 Oct 2019 Renée Adams Unsuccessful Teams LawFin Research Seminar
28 Oct 2019 Curtis Milhaupt Party Building or Noisy Signaling?: The Contours of Political Conformity in Chinese Corporate Governance LawFin Research Seminar
24 Sep 2019 Albrecht Cordes, Jill E. Fisch, Klaus J. Hopt, Joe McCahery, Niamh Moloney, Peter Mülbert, Casimiro Nigro, Katharina Pistor, Cornelius Prittwitz, Georg Ringe, Uwe Walz, Birgitta Wolf Symposium: An Academic Life in Law and Finance - Commemorating Brigitte Haar Conference
09 Sep 2019 Alexander Wagner Does the Market Value Managerial Honesty? LawFin Research Seminar
05 Sep 2019 Matthias Thiemann When Brussels Meets Shadow Banking - Technical Complexity, Regulatory Agency and the Reconstruction of the Shadow Banking Chain LawFin Research Seminar
26 Aug 2019 Viral Acharya, Toni Ahnert, Ramin P. Baghai, Tobias Berg, Ester Faia, Neeltje van Horen, Felix Hufeld, Christian Leuz, Alberto Manconi, Natalya Martynova, Antoinette Schoar, Alessandro Scopelliti, Alessandro Spina Conference on Regulating Financial Markets Conference
01 Jul 2019 Matthias Thiemann Financial Stability vs Jurisdictional Competition: The Struggle over the Regulation and Supervision of CCPs in the Eurozone and beyond LawFin Research Seminar
11 Jun 2019 Ioannis G. Asimakopoulos Making Deposit-Funded Credit Institutions Resolvable LawFin Research Seminar
20 May 2019 Paul Wachtel Central Bank Independence: More Myth than Reality LawFin Research Seminar
13 May 2019 Jörg Stahl Who Pays a Visit to Brussels? Cross-border Firm Value Effects of Meetings with European Commissioners LawFin Research Seminar
25 Mar 2019 Tarek A. Hassan Immigration, Innovation, and Growth LawFin Research Seminar
22 Mar 2019 Tabea Bucher-Koenen, Cathy Hwang, Zwetelina Illiewa, Kristy Jansen, Samuli Knüpfer, Alexandra Niessen-Ruenzi, Loriana Pelizzon, Larissa Schäfer, Kathrin Schlafmann, Isabel Schnabel, Zorka Simon Women in Finance Workshop, Conference
19 Mar 2019 Jill E. Fisch Shareholder Collaboration LawFin Research Seminar
08 Feb 2019 Thomas Coendet What is Finance for? A Functional Framework for Finance and Law LawFin Research Seminar
28 Jan 2019 Elsa Massoc Banking on States? The Divergent Trajectories of European Finance after the Crisis LawFin Research Seminar
21 Jan 2019 Yuval Feldman Corporate Governance Meets Behavioral Economics LawFin Research Seminar
15 Jan 2019 Holger Spamann Cheap-Stock Tunneling Around Preemptive Rights LawFin Research Seminar
14 Jan 2019 Holger Spamann Indirect Investor Protection LawFin Research Seminar
19 Dec 2018 Bo Bian Globally Consistent Creditor Protection, Reallocation, and Productivity LawFin Research Seminar
19 Nov 2018 Michael Klausner Board Declassification and Firm Value: Have Shareholders and Boards Really Destroyed Billions in Value? LawFin Research Seminar
01 Nov 2018 Simone Fulda, Rainer Haselmann, Martin Hellwig, Klaus J. Hopt, Jan Krahnen, Tobias Tröger Inauguration of the DFG Center for Advanced Studies "Foundations of Law and Finance" Inaugural, Conference