Date Speakers Topic Category
16 Dec 2019 Jared Ellias Bankruptcy Process for Sale LawFin Research Seminar
20 Jan 2020 Jens Dammann Fee Shifting Bylaws: An Empirical Analysis LawFin Research Seminar
27 Jan 2020 Assaf Hamdani TBA LawFin Research Seminar
17 Feb 2020 Cornelia Woll Sanctions and Settlements in Global Markets LawFin Research Seminar
30 Mar 2020 Renée Adams, Susan Christoffersen, Jill E. Fisch, Nicola Fuchs-Schündeln, Katja Langenbucher et al. Women in Finance Workshops, Conferences
24 Apr 2020 TBA Current Issues in European Takeover Regulation: Law and Finance Perspectives Workshops, Conferences
15 Jun 2020 Rachel Epstein, Rainer Haselmann, Erik Jones, Roberta Romano The Political Economy of Financial Regulation Workshops, Conferences