Conferences & Workshops

Date Speaker/s Topic Category
22 May 2024 TBA Financial Regulation - Going Green 2024 Workshop, Conference, [in person]
12 Jun 2024 TBA The Law and Finance of Private Equity and Venture Capital Workshop, Conference, [in person]
14 Jun 2024 A.Brav, J. Fisch, R. Foroohar, J. Gordon, G. Helleringer, M. Jasova, K. Kastiel, W. Kim, P. Matos, M. Pargendler, B. Ramamurti, M. Roe, R. Shapira, O. Spalt, Y. Wiwattanakantang 2024 Global Corporate Governance Colloquia (GCGC) Conference, [in person]
19 Aug 2024 TBA Regulating Financial Markets Conference, [in person]