Date Speaker/s Topic Category
01 Nov 2021 Joshua C. Macey Open Access, Interoperability, and the DTCC's Unexpected Path to Monopoly LawFin Research Seminar
08 Nov 2021 Bo Bian When Exits Go Wrong: Conflicting Fiduciary Duties in the Fire Sales of VC-backed Startups LawFin Research Seminar
15 Nov 2021 Renée B. Adams TBA LawFin Research Seminar
22 Nov 2021 Carsten Gerner-Beuerle Regulating Unintended Consequences: Algorithmic Trading and the Limits of Securities Regulation LawFin Research Seminar
29 Nov 2021 Kobi Kastiel Bankruptcy Directors LawFin Research Seminar
13 Dec 2021 Bo Bian, Benjamin Braun, Abraham Cable, Julian Franks, Rainer Haselmann, Katharina Hombach, Elsa Massoc, Casimiro Nigro, Johannes Petry, Christina Sautter, Tobias Tröger, Natascha van der Zwan An Interdisciplinary Workshop: The Metamorphosing Landscape of Investors’ Capitalism Workshops, Conferences
27 Mar 2022 TBA 9th HEC-McGill Winter Finance Workshop - Special Edition with Goethe University Conferences, Workshops
03 Apr 2022 TBA 15th Swiss Winter Conference on Financial Intermediation 2022 Conferences