About us

The Center for Advanced Studies on the Foundations of Law and Finance is the first interdisciplinary economics and jurisprudential research group in Germany funded by the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)).

Mission Statement

The Center for Advanced Studies on the Foundations of Law and Finance seeks to enhance our understanding of how financial markets actually respond to law as a dynamic and evolutionary system and how theoretical and empirical scholarship should optimally reflect these insights. The Center aims at synthesizing the richness of comparative law and legal theory in describing what constitutes law in action with the methodological rigor of financial economics in gauging its social impact. It provides a unique forum for tying together and consolidating thus far scattered advances in the field. This forum brings together scholars from around the world from both fields and related disciplines who share the common view that intense interdisciplinary collaboration carries tremendous potential for widening our understanding of the interdependence of law and finance, but still requires more fundamental questioning of methodologies and unreserved rethinking of research questions. To achieve this, researchers of various seniorities will interact intensely in a discourse beyond specific projects. This discourse will revolve around four core areas at the interface of law and finance and is deliberately framed in an open-ended manner.


The work program for the Center identifies core areas that relate to its overarching theme. It frames them consciously in an open-ended manner, which reflects that the Center intends to provide a forum for the presentation, critical discussion and enhancement of various approaches that have the common desire to synthesize various disciplines in order to arrive at a conductive method for the consequentialist analysis of financial regulation. A meta-discourse beyond particular projects could ultimately establish the trajectory for a multitude of specific research initiatives and thereby shape the discipline.