Date Speaker Topic Category
01 Jul 2019 Prof. Matthias Thiemann Financial stability vs jurisdictional competition: the struggle over the regulation and supervision of CCPs in the Eurozone and beyond LawFin Research Seminar
11 Jun 2019 Ioannis G. Asimakopoulos Making Deposit-Funded Credit Institutions Resolvable LawFin Research Seminar
20 May 2019 Prof. Paul Wachtel Central Bank Independence: More Myth than Reality LawFin Research Seminar
13 May 2019 Prof. Jörg Stahl Who pays a visit to Brussels? Cross-border firm value effects of meetings with European Commissioners LawFin Research Seminar
25 Mar 2019 Tarek A. Hassan Immigration, Innovation, and Growth LawFin Research Seminar
22 Mar 2019 Women in Finance Conferences