2022 Global Corporate Governance Colloquia (GCGC)

When: 03 Jun 2022
Where: University of Oxford
Speaker: Rui Albuquerque, Andrew Baker, Sandra Boss, Greg Buchak, Luca Enriques, Nickolay Gantchev, Moqi Groen-Xu, Jie (Jack) He, Dirk Jenter, Vikramaditya Khanna, Michelle Lowry, Curtis J. Milhaupt, Elizabeth Pollman, Steen Thomsen, Tobias Tröger, et al.

The Center for Advanced Studies on the Foundations of Law and Finance (LawFin) together with the members of GCGC organize the "2022 Global Corporate Governance Colloquia (GCGC)".

The eighth annual GCGC Conference will be hosted by University of Oxford on 03 - 04 June 2022.

DAY 1: Friday, 03 June 2022 | 09:45 - 18:00 CEST
DAY 2: Saturday, 04 June 2022 | 09:45 - 18:00 CEST

Registration and more information here (ECGI) and here (GCGC).

The Global Corporate Governance Colloquia (GCGC) is a global initiative to bring together the best research in law, economics, and finance relating to corporate governance at a yearly conference held at 12 leading universities in the Americas, Asia and Europe.

The 12 hosting institutions are: Columbia University, Goethe University Frankfurt (SAFE & LawFin), Harvard University, Imperial College London, National University of Singapore, Peking University, Seoul National University, Stanford University, Swedish House of Finance, University of Oxford, University of Tokyo, and Yale University.