The Global Diffusion of Stewardship Codes

When: 29 Jan 2020, 10:15-11:30
Where: HoF E.22/Commerzbank
Speaker: Mathias Siems

In a world of increasing economic, technological and legal globalisation, transfer of laws and regulations between different legal systems is commonplace. The global spread of stewardship codes in recent years presents a promising, but yet untested, terrain to explore and fine-tune the diffusion of stewardship norms. For the purposes of this paper (co-authored with Dionysia Katelouzou), we collect information from 40 stewardship codes enacted between 1991 and 2019 and systematically examine whether formal diffusion of stewardship codes took place with computational tools. While we find support for the diffusion story of the UK as a stewardship norm exporter, especially in former British colonies in Asia, we also find evidence of diffusion from transnational initiatives, such as the EFAMA and ICGN codes, as well as regional clusters.