The Law and Finance of Private Equity and Venture Capital

When: 22 Jun 2023
Where: Oxford, UK
Speaker: E. Aguirre, Y. Aran, B. Broughman, A. Cable, W. Clark, M. Corradi, M. Cox, D. Dowling, J. Fisch, M. Gatti, O. Gefen, J. Gilligan, E. Gourier, A. Gözlügöl, G. Helleringer, T. Hellmann, P. Joos, K. Kastiel, Y. Li, L. Michie, G. Nguyen, L. Phalippou, et al.

The DFG LawFin Center at the Goethe University in Frankfurt, the LSE Law School, the Faculty of Law of the University of Oxford, and the Institute for Law & Economics at the University of Pennsylvania, along with the Oxford Business Law Blog, are pleased to announce, as part of the Oxford Business Law Blog Annual Conferences Series, the annual conference

The Law and Finance of Private Equity and Venture Capital.

This year, the conference will take place on 22-23 June 2023 in Oxford as an in-person event, unless pandemic protocols require otherwise. The focus will be on academic research, with participation from relevant practitioners, industry representatives, and policymakers. The event will be by invitation only.

Conference organizers seek to attract interdisciplinary research of the highest scholarly quality in the field of private equity (PE) and venture capital (VC), broadly defined, to be presented at the Conference. We invite researchers to submit a working paper that will not yet be published at the time of the Conference or an earlier-stage research project in the form of an extended abstract. Submissions relating to the following topics are of particular interest: PE/VC and corporate law, governance of PE/VC-backed firms, regulation of PE/VC funds, PE/VC and ESG/sustainability, comparative PE/VC law. Those who hold a full-time academic appointment, but have not yet received tenure as of the submission are especially encouraged to submit.

PROGRAM (preliminary)

Luca Enriques (Oxford and ECGI)
Jill E Fisch (Penn Carey Law and ECGI)
Geneviève Helleringer (Essec Paris, Oxford, and ECGI)
David R Kershaw (LSE Law School and ECGI)
Casimiro A Nigro (LawFin, Goethe University Frankfurt)
Elizabeth Pollman (Penn Carey Law and ECGI)
Tobias H Tröger (LawFin, Goethe University Frankfurt, SAFE and ECGI)
Simon Witney (LSE Law School)