9th HEC-McGill Winter Finance Workshop - Special Edition with Goethe University

When: 27 Mar 2022
Where: Ischgl (Tyrol, Austria)
Speaker: A. Barbalau, H. Bhamra, B. Bian, L. Bretscher, I. Chaieb, M. Croce, T. Davidyuk, X. Gu, C. H. Larsen, I. Ivanov, K. Jacobs, H. Langlolois, Y. Li, E. Loualiche, C. Nigro, P. Orlowski, D. Pierret, S. Rossi, G. Vilkov, C. Ward, M. Weber, F. Sangiorgi, D. Yan

9th HEC-McGill Winter Finance Workshop 2022 – Special Edition with Goethe University - LawFin

HEC Montréal and McGill University jointly organized the 9th edition of the HEC-McGill Winter Finance Workshop as a special edition in collaboration with the Center for Advanced Studies on the Foundations of Law and Finance at Goethe University. The workshop was held in Ischgl, Austria from March 27-29, 2022.

The program included 12 research paper presentations from all areas of finance, including interdisciplinary work in law and finance, which were critically reviewed by 12 discussants, featuring 24 presenters overall in addition to the session chairs and conference organizing team.

The conference successfully concluded on March 29 with a gala dinner where the conference awards were announced. The conference‘s best paper award went to Prof. Bian from the University of British Columbia Sauder School of Business for her paper “Conflicting Fiduciary Duties and Fire Sales of VC-Backed Start-ups,” co-authored with Yingxiang Li (also University of British Columbia, Sauder School of Business) and Casimiro A. Nigro (Goethe University, LawFin).

The award for the best discussant at the conference went to Prof. Francesco Sangiorgi from the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management for his discussion of the paper “The Optimal Design of Green Securities” by Prof. Adelina Barbalau (University of Alberta) and Federica Zeni (Imperial College London and Bank of Italy).

Patrick Augustin (McGill University), Jan Ericsson (McGill University), Mathieu Fournier (HEC Montréal), Alexandre Jeanneret (University of New South Wales), Tobias Tröger (Goethe University, LawFin) and Michael Weber (University of Chicago) formed the organizing committee.

The program committee consisted of Daniel Andrei (McGill University), Rui Albuquerque (Boston College), Harjoat Bhamra (Imperial College), Christian Dorion (HEC Montréal), Thomas Gilbert (University of Washington), Elise Gourier (ESSEC), Rainer Haselmann (Goethe University, LawFin), Michael Hasler (University of Texas at Dallas), Kris Jacobs (University of Houston), Philippe Mueller (University of Warwick), Andy Neuhierl (Washington University St. Louis), Carolin Pflueger (University of Chicago), Diane Pierret (University of Luxembourg), Alberto Rossi (Georgetown University), Lukas Schmid (University of Southern California), Boris Vallée (Harvard Business School), and Adrien Verdelhan (MIT).