LawFin Working Paper Series

No. Researcher/s Title Research Area
1 Casimiro Antonio Nigro, Jörg Stahl Venture Capital-backed Firms, Unavoidable Value-destroying Trade Sales, and Fair Value Protections
2 Matthias Thiemann, Tobias H. Troeger The Case for a Normatively Charged Approach to Regulating Shadow Banking - Multipolar Regulatory Dialogues as a Means to Detect Tail Risks and Preclude Regulatory Arbitrage
3 Peter Boenisch, Roman Inderst Using the Statistical Concept of “Severity” to Assess Seemingly Contradictory Statistical Evidence (with a Particular Application to Damage Estimation)
4 João Granja, Christian Leuz The Death of a Regulator: Strict Supervision, Bank Lending and Business Activity
5 Elsa C. Massoc Having “Banks Play Along” Varieties of State-Bank Coordination and State-Guaranteed Credit Programs During the Covid-19 Crisis
6 Bo Bian Globally Consistent Creditor Protection, Reallocation, and Productivity
7 Rajna Gibson, Matthias Sohn, Carmen Tanner, Alexander F. Wagner Earnings Management and Managerial Honesty: The Investors’ Perspectives
8 Matthias Breuer, Christian Leuz, Steven Vanhaverbeke Reporting Regulation and Corporate Innovation
9 Kizkitza Biguri, Jörg Stahl Who Pays a Visit to Brussels? The Firm Value of Cross-Border Political Access to European Commissioners
10 Dionysia Katelouzou, Mathias Siems The Global Diffusion of Stewardship Codes
11 Vincenzo Pezone The Real Effects of Judicial Enforcement
12 Gabriel Jiménez, David Martinez-Miera, José-Luis Peydró Who Truly Bears (Bank) Taxes? Evidence from Only Shifting Statutory Incidence
14 Roman Inderst, Stefan Thomas Reflective Willingness to Pay: Preferences for Sustainable Consumption in a Consumer Welfare Analysis
13 Renée B. Adams, Amir N. Licht Shareholders and Stakeholders around the World: The Role of Values, Culture, and Law in Directors’ Decisions
15 Alina K. Bartscher, Moritz Kuhn, Moritz Schularick, Paul Wachtel Monetary Policy and Racial Inequality
16 Francesco D’Acunto, Ulrike Malmendier, Michael Weber Gender Roles and the Gender Expectations Gap
17 Vanya Horneff, Raimond Maurer, Olivia S. Mitchell Do Required Minimum Distribution 401(k) Rules Matter, and for Whom? Insights from a Lifecylce Model
18 Holger Spamann Indirect Investor Protection: The Investment Ecosystem and Its Legal Underpinnings
19 Thomas Keusch Shareholder Activists and Frictions in the CEO Labor Market
20 Markus Behn, Rainer Haselmann, Vikrant Vig The Limits of Model-Based Regulation
21 Francesco D'Acunto, Andreas Fuster, Michael Weber Diverse Policy Committees Can Reach Underrepresented Groups
22 Rainer Haselmann, Christian Leuz, Sebastian Schreiber Know Your Customer: Relationship Lending and Bank Trading
23 Bo Bian, Jean-Marie Meier, Ting Xu Cross-Border Institutions and the Globalization of Innovation
24 Sebastian Steuer, Tobias Tröger The Role of Disclosure in Green Finance